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Vitamin/Mineral/Herbal treatment for Staphylococcus


1.Beta Carotene(300mcg)
2.Vitamin C(125mg
3.Selenium(45mcg)4.Vitamin E(10 i.u.)5.Parsley Leaf Powder(50mg)

Dosage:60 capsules in all for 30 days-

Health Benefits:

Powerful antioxidant. Beneficial for : 1.Fighting frequent Infections (eg staphylococcus,etc).2. Sore throats and mouth ulcers. 3.Food Poisoning.   4.Alcohol Excess. 5.Bad Circulation.  6.Bleeding Gums. 7.Bronchitis & Chest Pain   8.Candida(Thrush)   9.Toxin-related Migraine headaches. 10.Fibroids.  11. Tonsillitis.   13.Hepatitis & Liver Problems.  14.Itching.  15.Infertility (eliminates toxins that may be responsible,selenium shortage is often associated with infertility).  16.Low Immunity.  17.Pile(Hermorrhoids).  18.Premature Aging .


Contains natural plant extracts with Phyto-Sterols and Sterolins. Traditional African healers have been using the African Potato plant for centuries and swear by its great healing and protective powers.
(60 capsules in all for 30 days )
Health Benefits :
1. Boosts Immunity against recurrent illnesses (especially beneficial for HIV patients) like Typhoid ,Malaria, Staphylococus, Tuberculosis
2. Helps to ease stress.

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