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You Could Be Sabotaging Your Own Staphylococcus Treatment.

March 18, 2011 1 comment


Staph bacteria

Have you been treating Staph for a long time without any improvement.Then you may be using the wrong antibiotic or worse – YOU COULD BE SABOTAGING YOUR OWN STAPH TREATMENT.

How can one sabotage his own treatment? Simple! By constantly exposing yourself to the source of the infection.You have to identify the different possible sources of the infection and isolate yourself from them. You cant be treating and infecting yourself at the same time.It’s counter productive.

What are the possible sources of Staph infection? :

1. Sharing the same bedsheets and clothing with one who is infected.
2. Performing oral or unprotected sex with an infected person.
3. Eating contaminated food and water.
4. Allowing rats and cockroaches breed in your kitchen.
5. Poor food-handling.
6. Not washing ones hands with soap after using the toilet.
7. Leaving food to rot in your fridge.
8. Choosing to risk eating outside your home in restaurants (where you have no clue how the food is being handled in the kitchen)
9. Not washing your plates thoroughly before using them.
10.Having poor feeding habits which leads to low immunity.

So the solution is simple. Avoid the practices listed above and you have a greater chance of responding positively to your staph. treatment.

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