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Aside from stress and pollution, one of the leading causes of hair loss is vitamin deficiency. Normally, people who suffer from hair loss also suffer from vitamin deficiency in their diets.

1. Biotin (Vitamin-H)

The most popular vitamin that aids in hair loss is biotin or vitamin H. Biotin is part of the B complex family and has been proven to prevent hair loss. Another benefit of biotin is that it prevents gray hairs. This vitamin is in milk, yeast and egg yolks.

2. Iron

Lack of iron in the body not only causes to anemia, but it also contributes to hair loss. People who have iron deficiency and hair loss should increase their iron intake. This should make a significant change in hair growth.

3. Vitamin-B

We’ve seen it as ingredients of shampoos and conditions, the vitamin B complex family also aids in hair loss as it strengthens hair follicles – making it less prone to damage and hair loss. Eating food with vitamin B content will increase hair growth and reduce hair loss.

4. Zinc

An often taken for granted supplement, Zinc – which is abundant in red meat –

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can reverse any scalp problems once brought back in your diet. Another benefit of increased Zinc intake (for those who suffer Zinc deficiency), is it boosts your sex life. It has also been found by researchers to have that effect. So it guarantees not only beautiful hair but a wonderful time in bed.

5. Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidants, more popularly known as Vitamin A, C and E are commonly taken to have beautiful skin. But do you know that aside from giving you clear skin, it prevents hair loss and boosts further hair growth by flushing out the toxins in the body and boosting your immune system. Truly, these anti-oxidants are more than we think they are.

6. Vitamin-A

Though part of the anti-oxidants group, vitamin A – when taken excessively

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leads to hair loss and since it is non-water soluble, it can be fatal to certain consumers. So it is advisable to check-in with your dietician or nutritionist to know what is too much.

7. Protein

Commonly found in meat and poultry, Protein is yet another vital component of the hair. Actually, it composes 90% of the hair’s structure. Along with B complex vitamins, protein is also a common ingredient in shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. It is also one of the thing that make hair strong and resistant against damage.

8. Pantothenic Acid

A mineral called Pantothenic Acid is vital to the health of the scalp. It is also one of the main component of the cells in the body and aids in the conversion of food to energy. Hair follicle starts to fall upon lack of this nutrient in our body – it also results in constipation and other ailments.

Beautiful hair isn’t just skin deep. It goes beyond that. So if you are suffering from hair loss or any hair or scalp problem, try to look in your diet. You may be eating too much or too little of what is vital for your body systems to function correctly. A person may splurge on all those expensive anti-hair loss shampoos, conditioners and hair loss treatments but without proper diet and nutrition all those will go to waste.

Article extracted from : http://www.hairlosstreatment-s.com/vitamin-and-hair-loss.html


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