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The Greatest Lie Ever Told In Network Marketing

If you’ve been in Network Marketing / MLM for at least a month, you’ll most likely hear people say something like this; ” the products don’t matter, what matters is the business opportunity”. And we are constantly told by some leaders in the industry to de-emphasize selling and emphasize more of the recruiting. Of course this is to their benefit because if the downline keeps growing they keep earning. So it’s all for a selfish reasons.

I’ve been around in MLM long enough to know that the business opportunity is tied to the products. In fact, the business opportunity and compensation / marketing plan are all useless without the product. The only activity that brings money into the MLM company is products moving from the manufacturer to the consumers. This where the company makes its profits and extracts the commissions to pay distributors. No sales, no profits, no commissions – that’s how it works!

So for someone to say that selling products don’t matter, he / she isn’t being honest because it absolutely isn’t true. It’s like saying the eyes are not important, what matters is the eyesight. Well, without the eyes there would be no eyesight. Both are just as important.

So let’s start telling ourselves the truth so we can move ahead in this industry. We are sellers first and  business leaders next. The whole purpose of the business opportunity is to raise a team of sellers from which the company makes profit and pays you commissions. Never forget that!

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