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Flatulence Symptoms Causes & Remedy

Flatulence is the emission of a mixture of gases called ‘flatus’ present in the intestine. This gas is produced by symbiotic bacteria and yeasts found in the gastrointestinal tract. Flatus is usually released under pressure through the anus which creates sound and is often accompanied by a foul odor. Flatulence, many a times causes discomfort and pain due to bloating, not to mention social embarrassment. Read more about Flatulence causes, symptoms and treatment on our blog.

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Whether you like it or not flatulence is a condition that all of us experience at some point of time or the other. Flatulence can be a major source of embarrassment when it happens in social settings making for some really awkward situations. Flatulence is basically a digestive condition that occurs as a result of an excessive buildup of stomach and intestinal gas. Such an excessive buildup of gas causes a great deal of discomfort and a feeling of fullness and bloating, along with possible abdominal pain. The pressure that results from such a buildup of gas is naturally relieved through the passage of gas from the rectum –flatulence, or through the mouth with belching or burping. Severe flatulence and bloating after eating is therefore likely to have causes that can be easily addressed. Flatulence is a completely natural phenomenon for all of us, but it can become problematic when excessive. This is therefore likely to be most of problem for individuals who suffer from digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance, as well as for individuals with unhealthy eating habits or irregular bowel movements.

On an average it is believed that most humans pass gas at least fourteen times

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in a day, producing around one to three pints of gas daily. Flatulence itself is not a cause for worry at all. It does not pose any health risk at all, but it certainly poses a high risk of social embarrassment which is why flatulence treatment and natural remedies for flatulence are so sought after. Excessive passage of gas or flatulence is often reason enough to seek medical treatment. It should be pointed out that in most cases of excessive flatulence it is important to identify possible underlying causes and treat them to eliminate the problem. As excessive flatulence causes would stem from digestive problems that are in most cases mild or easily treatable you could simply use diet modifications as the most powerful flatulence remedy to control the problem. Lifestyle changes may also be necessary and if the problem persists it could be because of a medical condition that requires additional medical treatment.

Gas accumulation of buildup in the digestive system occurs in two ways. When

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we swallow any food or even water or our own saliva for that matter, we also ingest some amount of air. This mostly includes oxygen and nitrogen. This does contribute to a gradual buildup of gas. In addition to this gas is also released as part of the digestive process when food is broken down in the digestive system. Some of the gases released could include hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane.

If you’re troubled by the problem of flatulence just keep in mind that this is a natural biological process, just like breathing for that matter and it affects absolutely everyone. Both men and women experience flatulence, but men tend experience flatulence a little more often than women. Age also holds no bars and the aged, children, toddlers and adults alike all experience flatulence. Flatulence may in fact more often than not go unnoticed as you may not even realize that you have passed gas because of the small quantities released and at most times the gas passed is odorless. Foul smelling flatulence in babies, children and adults alike are caused by the presence of trace elements of sulfur. This only tends to occur however if food has not been digested thoroughly and begins to decompose. Anyone suffering from constipation is therefore also likely to pass extremely foul smelling odor.

Excessive flatulence odor and excessive gas can be controlled through dietary and lifestyle changes. It is important that you minimize your intake of, or avoid consuming foods that cause flatulence for any flatulence relief. Lifestyle habits such as meal timings, regular sleep timings and most importantly regular bowel movements are also important. Some amount of physical activity is essential for the efficient functioning of your digestive system. Also make it a point to avoid controlling or delaying bowel movements. Treatment with such simple measures can help to control flatulence odor or excessive flatulence. In almost all cases of excessive flatulence the problem can be controlled with such home treatments. In cases of severe flatulence where such methods fail to reduce flatulence it would be advisable to seek a medical diagnosis as there could be some other underlying condition that contributes to the problem.

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