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My testimonies and experiences with Swissgarde products.

People usually have a lot of things to say about the products they market. It’s unfortunate that sometimes the testimonials are either overhyped or completely untrue. Maybe some people consider it a marketing strategy to give a larger-than-life testimonial. But for me, I really have so much testimonies and experiences that I have no need to cook up stories.

I have been so impressed by the effectiveness of Swissgarde South Africa’s NAFDAC approved products that I am always at ease recommending the products, because I’m certain I won’t be embarrassed.  I have had personal testimonies as well as the testimonials of my customers, friends and family.

I began selling the products without actually using them for the first one month of being a distributor. Then my upline encouraged me to take them so I could share my own testimonials with my customers. I obeyed and I started taking the Omega Plus and Royal Jelly capsules. The first thing that tension I used to feel in the head, frequent weakness were gone. I became a healthier person.

My second testimony was that of my sister. She had been relieved of her duty and asked to go home on a day that she was troubled by itching. She’d obviously taken something that caused an allergic reaction. All the doctors prescriptions had failed and she was so restless because she couldn’t sleep. I remembered that Defender capsules are antioxidants and can get rid of toxins with similar allergic reactions, so I decided to give her 2 capsules. She took and in less that thirty minutes, she slept off(Defender has a drowsy effect on those who take it for the first time) and woke up without the itching.

Testimony no.3 is about a colleague and another friend who had suffered persistent colds for over a week and couldn’t find any relief from pharmaceutical prescriptions. I recommended Swissgarde’s Defender to them and they were both free of catarrh and colds in less that an 45 minutes. I was really excited to prove that Swissgarde delivers on it’s promise.

Testimony n0.4. I had a married colleague who complained to me about an embarrassing case of weak erections. He really felt troubled and asked if I had any remedies for it. I recommended the AloePower(my standard practice is to combine it with 40 plus for men), since I saw he was overweight and that his problem may have been caused by cholesterol blockage. And he turned out to be very pleased with the product and even referred another colleague to me.

Testimony  no.5 is about a customer who later became a distributor as a result of  her husbands experience with Swissgarde products. Her husband was diabetic and hypertensive, his legs were getting swollen and he kept having persistent headaches. I recommended the AloePower, Diavite, Omega plus (and later Defender as an addition in the second month). A week later she and her kids expressed excitement at their husband and father’s improvement; his blood pressure was normal, the headaches stopped, his blood sugar was fair and his swelling legs were reducing. The lady signed up as a distributor a month later so she could be buying the products regularly at a reduced price.

Testimony no.6 is about my customers who buy products for Staph infection. I’ve had repeat purchases because the effectiveness of the products. I had a customer who stopped experiencing the wormlike movements in less than a week of taking the supplements. The others experienced and energy boost and reduction in joint pains in the first week. After a month, tests revealed that the Staph growth had reduced drastically and over 3 months, they had no need to take the products anymore.

Testimony no. 7 is about a customer who had contacted me regarding his frequent muscles spasms and numbness on one part of his body.I recommended just two products that are known for blood circulation, dealing with numbness and nerve tension. He also was so impressed that he finally became a distributor.

Testimony no’s 8. I think the most impressive testimony for me is that of a former colleague who’s dad was diabetic and had accidentally stepped on a nail. The wound wouldn’t heal  for months. I recommended Defender because of it’s healing properties. I called her about 9 days later and she said she noticed that the wound was drying up and healing was evident.

I can go on and on about Swissgarde products but I am pressed for time. What a joy it is to represent a product that delivers on it’s promises. You are guaranteed success from the start. If you want to get into the herbal and nutritional market in Nigerian and Africa at large, do get involved in one that is credible. I choose Swissgarde and it’s my wish that you will too.

For information on becoming a distributor, contact me on 08023467737, 08060778264.

Swissgarde South Africa's NADAC approved health & beauty products. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LEARN MORE!

  1. Robert uche
    December 7, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Please i will want u 2 advice on which of ur drugs i will take 4 staph treatment.i have taken alot of herbal concotion to no avail as result of my trial it has taken up to 12years now.

  2. Yoh Mukwelle
    July 22, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Dear friend in Christ, how can i get these products, i have a sister who told me about these products and i will like to try them.

  3. November 23, 2013 at 9:40 am

    I also treated a long time asthma that was tormenting a deaconess in the church

  4. November 23, 2013 at 9:43 am

    A lady was seriously complaining of abdominal pains,I remove 40plus women ,add defender and cal c mags to her,instantly ,the pains varnised.I thank God for the knowlegde.

  5. stella
    May 19, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Please I have fibroid and its is big would it still reduce wit ur supplements

    • May 27, 2014 at 7:40 am

      Our products help to shrink Fibroids. But then again. It depends on how big yours is. Some Fibroids require surgery. Call me on 08060778264, 08023467737,08187216171

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