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The Swissgarde Company Profile:

February 22, 2012 8 comments

Swissgarde Logo

Profile: Swissgarde is a leading international Network Marketing Company, specialising in health and beauty products, with over 500 000 Distributors throughout Africa. Now operating in South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Swissgarde is well on its way to becoming a leading force in Network Marketing throughout Africa,   offering a lifelong business opportunity based on the following core values:

In the twenty one years since its formation, the company now boasts a product range of over 150 products and a Distributorship of over 500 000 Independent Distributors. Operating from its impressive Home Office in Midrand, South Africa, Swissgarde is able to offer superior service to its Distributors and Depot Owners.

History:  Swissgarde was founded in 1991 by Lou Bayhack, a Pharmacist by profession. After developing his first product called Skin Protector, Lou set about developing a system, which could enable him distribute his products directly to the customer. After months of research and consultation, Lou formulated a Network marketing business plan, which would enable anyone of any age, background or education to develop their own business.

In just over 3 years the business was a success and Lou was approached by the Giant Multi-National Sara Lee Corporation. In August 1994, Swissgarde was incorporated into the fold of the Direct Selling Division of Sara Lee and since then has continued to grow from strength to strength. It is now in partnership with yet another Giant Multi-National Corporation, TupperWare.

The company’s product range has been extended to include Health Care, Skin Care, Fragrances and Toiletries. The Swissgarde range of products is formulated according to the highest standards and is fast becoming a household name in Southern Africa and many other African countries.

Quality Assurance: Swissgarde takes its commitment very seriously.

The attribute that sets Swissgarde apart is attention to detail. Swissgarde continuously works to develop products that meet the highest safety and efficacy standards that assure product consistency and integrity.

On delivery, all products are tested and approved by the Company’s Quality Control Department.  Every product has a batch number. If a customer has a question about a product, Swissgarde can check the retention samples to resolve the query.

At Swissgarde, quality is not just a word – it’s a commitment. It is quality from start to finish, ensuring that the products you receive are of the best standard. That’s why the Swissgarde coat of arms carries the company’s motto, “Finest Quality”. It is a promise you can count on!

Research & Development: From the beginning, Swissgarde’s commitment to its customers has driven the company to provide the kind of innovative, safe effective products that truly make a difference in people’s lives. The commitment is still as strong today.

Company expertise and complete dedication provide the foundation for product development. Each product is as a result of exhaustive research and development and you can be certain that any product you purchase from Swissgarde will meet uniquely high standards of excellence.

For information on becoming a distributor in Nigeria please call 08023467737 , 08060778264 or click here to fill contact form


MLM tips:LISTENING THROUGH OBJECTIONS By Dr Joe Rubino(excerpt from Secrets Of Building A Million Dollar Network marketing Organization…)

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“This sounds like one of those pyramid schemes.” How many times have you

Order in Nigeria by calling 08060778264 , 08023467737

heard this objection? And how many times have you responded with,” well it is a network marketing company, but it’s certainly not an illegal business,” or, “Yes, but our company is different….?”How many hours do you spend researching and memorizing stock, scripted answers to the most common objections? How does it look to your prospect when you turn and with anger or embarrassment and react personally to the objection they just presented?

I’m sure you noticed the title of this chapter, “Listening Through Objections?” That’s different from overcoming objections-isn’t it?”
Does your prospect really want you to answer her with your opinion-an opinion that makes her wrong?
Clearly, your opinion may not be worth very much to your prospect. Countering an objection creates conflict. You say black and she says white. Who’s right? What’s more, who’s going to be wrong? Do you know something he doesn’t?
Has anyone ever made you do something you didn’t want to do? Of course not. Do you appreciate it when someone makes you wrong? Of course not.
Instead do this: Listen! Listen! Listen!
Listen THROUGH what they’re saying to hear how they are thinking and feeling. Their objection voices only part, if any, of their true feelings.  The initial response is almost always a smokescreen or a justification for a deeper, more personal fear. Listen for the true concern behind the smoke.
Welcoming objections is part of your job. That’s why you get paid a huge percentage of your product sales and downline commissions. Can this point of view make the whole concept of objections fun for you?
And the more you practice, the easier and more fun it will get.

The Five Step Process
The process of listening through objections is a powerful way to develop a relationship with people. It can be used in your prospecting for your network marketing business, but also in a conversation when someone may not necessarily agree with your point of view. The process of listening truly honors the values of others, which allows you to better understand who they are. It allows them to vent their frustrations, share their feelings and remain emotionally secure in their communications with you. 
Whether or not your prospect enrolls in your business or even changes his point of view, as long as you generated an open listening that empowers the other person, you have succeeded in your job.
I learned the following five-step process from the master of listening through objection, Richard Brooke.

Step One: Embrace The Objection
To “embrace,” is defined as “to hold in ones arms as a display of affection.” What a complete contrast to the usual agree/disagree scenario in a typical “overcoming objections” conversation. To display affection for your prospect through listening and honoring their responses to you, not arguing or being defensive, may seem unnatural to you at first, but try it on and watch what happens.
“I have no time to do another business.” Welcome the objection. Don’t say “yes you do” or 
“ you don’t need much time”. These counter the objection like a defensive chess move. Resisting and pushing only invite your prospect to push you back. Get on their side. Agree with them and find out more. Embrace the objection and do it with sincerity. The objections people give you are concerns that they hold as true. And these concerns are real for them.
“I have no time to do your business.” Their plate is full. They’re overwhelmed. Frustrated. Working long hours. No time for fun. You know what your business can provide for them-only they know they don’t have time to do it. 
So, are you going to take their schedule and plan out their day finding enough hours in it so they can do their business? Would you like someone dictating to you what your day should be like?
Remember, push and they will push back. What you resist persists. Don’t argue. As I said before, their concerns are real to them. Don’t try to fix them, but don’t buy into them either.
Their stories are not the truth. The degree that you “buy into” their stories and excuses, is the degree to which you are not supporting them being successful and complete in their lives.
So, what is there to do in this embracing business? Listen to them. Listen through their concern. Develop true empathy. look them in the eye and simply listen. Shut your mouth and get into their world. Feel how it is for them. Open your heart and embrace theirs. How? Hang on, I am coming to that.
What’s important for you to know, is when you connect with someone in this way, you honor them. They are being truly heard. And when human beings are heard, they will shift and open up to the awesome power of possibilities.
They will begin to show their heart.
It may not sound like that’s what they are doing at first. It may sound like anger. Their voice may be loud. Their intonation may sound harsh.
Just keep your heart open. The harshness will soften. They may sound scared. Their tone may project fear. Keep your heart. Continue to embrace their words as you proceed to the next step in the process…

Step Two: Define the Objection.
As the person speaks about their concerns, make sure you understand clearly just what the objection is. Asking, “what do you mean by that?” or encouraging them to, “say more about that”, will draw out what they mean.
Don’t guess or assume you know what they mean. Be aware of your own listening. If she’s talking about not having enough time to do the business, find out how much time she thinks it takes to succeed, or how much time she thinks you spend on the business.
You’ll be surprised what people come up with. You may know that to succeed in your business takes a part time effort of maybe eight to ten hours per week. But your prospect may think the income you are discussing takes a full-time, forty-hours-plus-a-week effort. And they certainly don’t have that much time.
Find out. Make sure you know what she’s thinking.
Never assume you know what is in his/her mind. So many enrollments are lost to assumptions and unclear definitions of what others think and feel.
Your job is to contribute to the possibility of your opportunity to your prospects. You are listening to see if your business is a fit for them. You are proposing a burden-not a benefit-if your prospect can’t fit your business into his schedule. Does he see ways your business can fit into his existing activities? Does he see your business as just another JOB- big effort, little return? Make sure you clearly define the objection fully before you move on to the next step in the process….

Step Three: Embellish the objection
Embellish means to adorn and make more beautiful (to add fanciful or fictitious details).
Am I really asking you to add details to their objections and make it more beautiful?
Yes, I am.
Something to keep in mind as we go through this process, is that network marketing is the antithesis of sales. In traditional sales training, you are taught to throw the objection back to your prospect. This leaves all their feelings and concerns associated with the objection in the first place still in place.
This traditional approach only makes people wrong. In essence, it calls your prospect a liar.
What thoughts do you have about someone when they say things to make you sound like a liar? You go away and check out, not physically but mentally. Your mind goes somewhere nice and pleasant like the Bahamas .It won’t stay in a situation where it is being made wrong or being dominated. When you are made wrong, there is no bond between you and the other person- except perhaps antagonism. No connectedness, no friendship.
As you are going through this process, remember that objections, manifested as concerns, have emotions attached to them. These emotions are deeply embedded in a whole body of conversations and experiences from the past that are just waiting to rear their ugly heads. Keep opposing these emotions and they’ll get stronger, and probably uglier. They will fight back!
Instead, try something different. Embellish the objection. Make it beautiful. Add to it. Let it be heard, understood and respected.
Keep saying to your prospect, “Say more about that…what other concerns do you associate with that?” Get all the emotion out. As the definition of embellish says, add fanciful or fictitious details. Make up stories of what it must be like to have the objection.
For example, the classic “No time” objection. Here’s how it goes:
“It sounds like you really don’t have anytime to do little things. You probably don’t get to read the newspaper or watch they weather forecast do you? Do you have anytime for yourself?
Can you see how this approach validates your objection- and with it, your prospect himself? It connects him with his emotion. It doesn’t fight or oppose it.
With this approach you honor the person’s values. They are being heard. How many do you think have listened to their concerns about not having the time to do what they want recently?
Their thoughts will still be there, but you’ve created enough space for the emotion to dissipate. And as it does, the feelings shift from negative to positive, and you go on to the next step…

Step Four: Purging The Objection
The word purge has many definitions: to free from impurities by cleansing; to rid of guilt (or fear); to cause evacuation; to rid off the undesirable.
As you’ve embellished the objection, and made room for their emotions to come up, there is a moment when all the “bad” stuff is out. Your prospect is purged of the negative emotions associated with the objection. You will actually see a physical change in the person, if you are face to face, or you’ll hear a change in their voice if you’re with them on the telephone.
Their being, who they are at the moment, literally shifts when the purging is complete. A lighter facial expression will be evident. Their body language will loosen up. They could sigh or even laugh out loud. They’ll relax. You are now nearly home free.

Step Five: Transition
The transition step is the place where the process changes from one state to another. It is a passage causing a connection to be made between two different themes.
In the transition, you’ve arrived at the moment in the conversation that you’ve waited for. The objection has been purged. All the negative feelings and emotions have gone-at least temporarily-and you now have the opportunity to really connect with your prospect.
The connection takes place in the form of offering the awesome power of possibilities. The most powerful words you could use at this transition -words which actually put your prospect in a state of open, positive emotion- are ,” Would you be willing..?” Then share how what you are offering is an opportunity which might fit them.
When you ask, “If I could show you a way around that problem, would you be willing to take a look at the opportunity” The majority of times the answer will be, “yes”.
Now, you and your prospect are looking at the possibility together. You’re on the same side. Connecting two themes. Offering possibilities and seeing if there is a fit. She may or may not be willing to take that look with you at this point in her life.
However, you have listened, honored, and respected her and left her with a positive impression. You have created an atmosphere of care and concern. Here is the shift in the paradigm where we all get to play a role in creating the new paradigm of network marketing. Listen, honor and respect.

People will begin to respond when you say proudly that this is a network marketing opportunity. You will then see how much of an impact you truly have on the future of the world! 

Extract taken from Chapter 8 of Dr. Joe Rubino’s MLM classic, Secrets of building a million dollar network marketing organization from a guy whos been there,done that and shows you how you can do it too.

Network Marketing Tips: Claude Diamond on sales

January 15, 2012 1 comment
 I saw this interesting video on sales by Claude Diamond.This isn’t your average  “you can do it” video. This is a down-to-earth, practical guide on sales. I am sure you will learn a lot from it.Enjoy!

Claude Diamond interview by Joe mcCall

Make extra money online: Start a practical business in Nigeria for just N5,000?

August 29, 2011 10 comments

Swissgarde Health & Beauty – Creating Wealth Through Health

Do you want to start a very profitable, practical and part time Network Marketing  business in Nigeria  and earn extra money? But don’t have huge capital to invest or the lack the time to do a full-time business?

Well Swissgarde Health & Beauty offers you an opportunity to start a profitable part-time business for next to nothing and start earning as much as you want monthly.

You can equally work from home and Create wealth by helping others get well. No experience or qualification is required. All that is required is a minimum capital of N5,500.

If you are tired of pyramid schemes that waste time and money then you need to give Swissgarde a try. Anyone can be successful in this biz.

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Looking for extra income? Start a part time business today with just N5,500

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Hi there. My name is Dan.

I’ve worked for a radio station for 3 years and anyone who’s worked for that long knows that 


The Boss makes all the money and you keep slaving to pay the bills.Not enough time for yourself and never enough money to do all you would love to do.(Not to mention salary delays.)

Well,I got to a point where I decided I had to find an extra source of income or forever continue the cycle of frustration.

So I embraced SWISSGARDE because it gave me an opportunity to earn extra income part time with just N5,500.00 minimum while I keep my full time job.

It’s a simple, practical part-time business that anyone can do.No specialized skills required.

It pays and that’s all that matters!

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