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Discover the most nutrient-dense foods on earth

May 21, 2013 5 comments

NaturalNews) The superfood tag is awarded to nutrient-dense foods, which pack more nutrients or antioxidants per bite than most other foods. Superfoods are food, not just nutritional extracts, minerals, or vitamins sold as supplements to food, such as B complex capsules, etc.

One may survive on a couple of superfoods, but as meals they aren’t very fulfilling. Nevertheless, as foods, the body accepts them more easily than most extracted supplements. So eat good food with added superfoods as well.

Here are seven to consider


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(1) Chlorella is treated by most as a supplement. But it is a food, actually. Around the end of WW II, it was considered as a solution for world hunger because it’s so easy to culture and harvest from fresh water ponds or man-made pools.

That idea was abandoned because chlorella cell walls were too tough to digest. But a technique has been developed to break the cell walls mechanically without damaging the algae.

Today, most chlorella brands will say “broken cell walls” indicating the nutrients are readily assimilable. Chlorella growth factor (CGF) helps regenerate cells slow aging issues. It also chelates heavy metals to remove them from the body more than any other green superfood. Mike Adams elaborates here:

(2) Spirulina or blue-green algae is another condensed green superfood. Commonly considered an algae, technically it’s considered a type of single cell beneficial bacteria or a crossover between bacteria and algae, containing elements of both.

Either way, like chlorella, it’s a potent ancient simple cell food that’s harvested from fresh water. Some health food experts, including the Health Ranger, mix both spirulina and chlorella together. (

Double Power

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(3) Kale demands an acquired taste. But juicing it with carrots and some apple allows it to go down easily. Slow juicing with a masticating juicer renders kale’s power packed nutrient package even more condensed with all its enzymes intact. More here:

(4) Coccao offers a superfood that’s easier to eat – chocolate. Cacao is the basis of chocolate, and it has the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rating of all foods.

You can grind cacao beans and put them into hot milk or coffee. Or you can eat dark or semi-sweet chocolate candies that are at least 70 percent cacao. Cacao/dark chocolate protects against cardiovascular problems and improves brain function. (

(5) Chia seeds are high in omega-3 and unlike flax seeds, they don’t have to be ground. They are a little pricey compared to flax seeds, but they offer more nutrients and also protect against heart disease. (

(6) Noni juice that’s raw and not denatured. It’s immune enhancing and medicinal, unlike the overpriced stuff from multi-level marketing groups that’s reconstituted from frozen concentrates and sweetened.

You can get raw, basic juices from a locally run organic farm in Hawaii, among others. Here’s the Hawaiian source:

(6a) Aloe vera juice needs to be added. Again, it should be organic and unadulterated. Aloe vera juice is both immune system enhancing and very medicinal.

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Herbal and Nutritional treatment for Low Sperm Count and Infertility

February 3, 2012 6 comments

Do you have a problem with low sperm count or infertility?I recommend Swissgarde South Africa’s Food and Herbal extracts(NAFDAC approved):
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3. Defender – An antioxidant and a natural antibiotic for general

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4. AloePower – Liquid supplement that detoxifies the body and gets rid of harmful toxins that interfere with the body’s natural processes and abilty to absorb nutrients.

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